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Stock up now! Restore your booty & kitty with this amazing light weight- non greasy formula! Renew Her oil has a delicate smell & has benefits for both you and your hubby. The minty aftertaste will have him obsessed. The great thing is it won’t disrupt your pH! This product contains all natural ingredients that help balance your pH.

Give yourself a slice of moisture with this amazing Oil-Only All-Natural & Organic Oils Used! 

Can last 2 to 3 months 

Can be used to: 

Soothe, Shave or Moisturize the Vulva & Bikini! 

After sex, your vulva and clitoris can feel sore so this oil will assist in soothing and moisturizing! If you ever feel dry or experience friction against your underwear this moisturizing oil will also help!

We suggest putting it on at night after a shower for a soothing & calming feeling to get ready for bed!

Also for the booty crack


Benefits For Your Booty:

  • nice smell
  • remove dark marks & evens skin tone in between your cheeks
  • taste amazing! (slightly minty taste)

Benefits For Your Koochie:

  • minimizes friction, irritation & swelling during & after sex or a workout
  • fades dark spots/shaving marks on the vagina 
  • reduces ingrown hairs/ 🐱 bumps 
  • moisturizes the vulva.
  • promotes wetness during sex 
  • *You can also use this oil before labor to help with tearing.


  • Shake well before use to activate all of its powerful ingredients.
  • Put a few drops of oil on your clean fingertips then rub the oil in the anal area, vulva or clitoris.
  • Great to use in the morning and/or around evening time after a shower.
  • You can apply this oil whenever you feel irritated, sore, or dry.
  • Great to use during & after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs 

**After sex, your vulva and clitoris can feel sore so this oil will help with moisturizing and saturating! Anytime you feel dry or experience friction against your clothing or panties, this light-weight saturating oil will help! If your vulva is ever irritated, swollen, or raw, this is all you need. This oil helps with inflammation and vaginal swelling.


Ingredients: avocado oil, almond oil, vitamin e, lemon extract, orange extract, peppermint oil, tea tree oil

(do nut use if you have a nut allergy)